Specialty Aesthetic Pruning of Small Trees & Shrubs
We put the health of the tree first as we employ the art & principles of aesthetic pruning together with the science of arboriculture to create proportion, movement, interest & balance. Our goal is expressing the natural essence & beauty of the tree according to your preferences.

Serving The City of Alameda & Harbor Bay Via Bicycle





Consultative Estimates
Specialty Aesthetic Pruning of Small Trees and Large Shrubs
Pruning For Health, Form, Shape, Focal Point, Accent, Framing, Context, Correction, Remediation, Enhancement, Reduction, Thinning, Essence, Time, Intention, Fruit, Foliage, Flowers, Espalier, Branch Structure, Succession, Longevity & More
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Comprehensive Consultations
(With or Without Report)
Service By Bicycle


“Michael recently trimmed and shaped trees around our home. We are very pleased with his work and are planning to have him take care of our trees on a regular basis. He was polite, prompt, and the shape of the trees is greatly improved.” – Howard & Marilyn Ashcraft
“He earns his five stars, that’s for sure! We’ve had a few gardeners completely flake on us, and we had one guy who was decent, but not great.
Michael is great. He shows up on time, works REALLY hard, managed to turn a poorly pruned and subsequently mangled-looking rosebush into a well-pruned-looking rosebush (possibly saving my marriage – I did the original pruning, someone was *not* happy).
He understands plants, understands what will look good, and made our yard look fabulous. He’s an artist, and plants are his medium.” – Tahd & Teresa Frentzel

For an estimate and/or consultation, please complete the following. Include a description of your tree(s) & work you would like done. If available, please attach a photo.

Please Note: I specialize in the aesthetic detailed pruning of small trees & shrubs under 15ft as well as comprehensive consultations in the city of Alameda & Harbor Bay. I do not provide any other tree or landscape services at this time. This work is NOT a low cost option.


Or Call (510) 934-9687 or email michael@cyclingarborist.com & include the same information


Michael Troy Thurman, Jr. grew up in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, roaming and exploring the outdoors with his father and developing a deep intimacy with and adoration for the natural world.
His Merritt College Landscape Horticulture education along with his traveling work experiences in places like Chile and Hawaii inspired him to search out an extraordinary and meaningful career as an arborist, aesthetic pruner and landscape designer. With trees and the design of nature as his calling, he has endeavored to create an exceptional livelihood in his home region of Northern California and his beloved community of Alameda.
In his free time, Michael continues to explore nature and returns to Napa each year to make and bottle wine with his father.


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